HechoKC Mini Docuseries

Working in-front or behind the camera is nothing new to HechoKC’s Luis Garcia. From being an actor in front of the camera for national broadcast or spokesperson, Luis’ skill in front and now behind the camera and working with the  biggest names in the industry, Luis’s skills have evolved on both sides of the lens.

With passion, Luis has taken his industry skills and is giving back to the community by featuring Kansas City’s most talented Chicano artists and entrepreneurs in the HechoKC Docuseries. This Docuseries gives an intimate glimpse into the working practices a culture in KC that has often been over looked. It’s Luis’ goal to extent the reach of Inclusiveness in KC thru this project.

HechoKC Diversity & Inclusion.



Growing up in El Paso, Chico Sierra began crossing borders early. As a Mexican-American, he knows that sometimes borders can be fixed and severe, like crossing back and forth between Mexico and the United States. But oftentimes, borders are blurry or even non-existent. Sierra has moved from the United States, to Mexico, Canada, Germany, the Philippines and back. He is conscience of the flux of cultural diversity. That, in combination with the theme of blurred borders is expressed in the different mediums of Sierra’s art. He is also a member of the Latino Writers Collective in KC.

As a force to be reckoned within the Art & Design world.


Chico Capitán Sierra

The second featurette in the docuseries produced by Hecho KC, highlighting amazing multi-disciplinary artists in Kansas City.

Gorilla Sunshine

Hecho’s pilot documentary, Gorilla Sunrise – BUSTAMANTE, is the documentation of a Rob Tapley Bustamante’s mural that’s meant to help beautify the neighborhood and create some communal discussion about art in the community. Thru mutual best friends Rob and Joe Skates of KC Rubber & Belting Art Happened!


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